3 Reasons Why Solar Power Will Take Over Coal and Solar Jobs Will Dominate the Energy Market

Cheap-Solar-PanelsUntil the development of solar and other renewable energies, coal was the only way through which civilization could get electricity. The coal industry employed an enormous quantity of people. But as the use and efficiency of solar power is increasing, more people work in the solar industry than they do in the coal industry and solar power is getting more and more ahead of coal power. Why?


In 2016 the solar industry produced 56.22 million megawatt – hours and employed 260,000 to 374,000 workers. On the other hand the coal industry produces 1240 million megawatt – hours and employed about 160,000 workers. If we calculate this in a different way we can easily find that the solar industry employed 35 to 50 times as many workers per unit of electricity produced in comparison to the coal industry. This means that the solar workers or the researching solar panel chemists are the jobs of the future which will constitute a very significant part of the economy.


Coal jobs generate higher labor costs per employee. The increased costs which include hazard pay and pension and health benefits originate from the health risks that coal workers face in their job. Solar jobs cause less costs for employers while they decrease pollution and the price of electricity and increase the number of jobs.

Low prices

The unsubsidized costs of new solar power have slipped below those of new coal power. This means that solar power in the same time creates more and better jobs than the coal industry and decreases the prices of electricity which benefits the economy and consumers profoundly.