Best Solar Inverters 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Solar Inverters

There are a lot of inverters available in the market right now. Different in size and structure, but if we are looking for the best. Then take a look at the top 10 reviews of Inverters that we handpicked as the best this 2018. Here we identify the best inverter that suits your need. We have provided the advantages and disadvantages for each and a brief review of each of the ten.

For those who are unfamiliar with inverter its simply converts energy into usable electricity. It is used at home or in offices. With the raging times of advancing
technology, almost all are dependent on electricity. Our everyday convenience depends on it too. of invention and innovation. But what we have is highly dependent on it too. So check the top 10 inverters and pick the one that suits your needs.

1. AIMS Power 4000 – The Inverter

The first solar panel on our list is a 4000 watt 12 volt low frequency inverter charger that transforms direct current power, stored in batteries, to an alternating current which can be used to power
several of your tools and appliances.

This inverter comes in a built-in AC to DC battery converter charger that makes it possible for users to have their battery banks recharged from an AC source like a regular outlet at home, a fuel-powered
generator or a shore power. It also has a built in 115A smart battery charger with 7 selectable battery type settings that leaves you with a lot of options.

Now, what I like best about this solar panel is that it is safe to use because it has a built battery charger feature that also effectively charges your battery. It is perfect for dry camping and is ideally
used in RVs.


· Can convert DC to AC

· Has battery selector and 3 stage

· Shuts off noise from generator

· On a discounted price


· Doesn’t last long

· Incomplete manula

2. AIMS Power 6000 – The Flash

Our second solar panel works in a quick pace. It is ideal for motors, pumps and compressors that require a 3 to 7 times running power for start up because it has a 20 second surge capacity of 18,000 watts at
a 220 bolt split phase. You can rely on this inverter charger whenever you are in a hurry.

With the ability to auto detect 50 to 60 Hz, it can virtually work anywhere in the world! This split phase inverter is capable of
producing 110/220V ac, beat that! And as an additional bonus, this solar panel comes with a built-in charger that lets you use your existing grid power so you can maintain a charge on your batteries.

This is the answer whenever you need a mobile and emergency back up power applications. At $1,263 enjoy every bit that is has to offer.


· Has an auto-gen start feature

· Marine and industrial grade

· Direct connect AC terminal block

· Optional LCD remote available


· Unit stops working for no reason

3. AIMS Power 12kW – The Big Boy

This third solar panel takes on big power consuming generators. With the capability of containing a 300 percent surge for up 20 seconds, this inverter now features an auxiliary output intended for large centrifugal pumps.

It is designed for off grid, commercial and industrial uses where 120/240V ac split power phase power is needed and a 48V dc is available.

This solar panel can take on large solar arrays with a 48V dc system. I highly recommend this and I am a certain that you will have no regrets.


· With 12000 Watt continuous pure sine

· 36000 watt peak power for 20s

· Built in 120A smart battery charger with
7 selectable battery type settings

· Fast shipping


· It has issues with turning it on

· It’s a bit heavy

4. Reliable Off Grid 3500W Pure Shine – The Pioneer

Our fourth solar panel came from a professional manufacturer of it for 8 years which makes it one of the firsts on the business. It has been on the line for a few couple of years and has survived its competitions.

The wave solar power inverter, it is a good power and it can be a possible back up power for your home power supply. It also has an intelligent temperature control cooling fan and a digital LED display. And you can be sure that is a hundred and one percent safe because of its high quality true copper inductance.

Plus, your financial expenses are also safe with it because it will only cost you a little over three hundred and fifty dollars. Get enough power without sacrificing your savings for the future.


· Very Reasonable price

· High quality


· It cannot handle the full listed surge

·It has problems with display and power output

5. Reliable Off Grid 2500W – The Money Saver

As low cost as it is, this solar panel gives you the best out of 329 dollars. It is cheap but it does not sacrifice the quality of the product. This solar panel is somehow similar with the previous one since it came from the same manufacturer but this definitely has something to it that gives it an identity, makes it different from the other one.

This product can transfer 12VDC to 120VAC, 60 Hz frequency and dual US outlets. Another great things about this solar panel is that it automatically shuts off output for over voltage protection it gets too thermal.

With this, you can make sure that your home is safe from any happening that may be caused by overheating.


·provides one year warranty

· It Automatically shuts off output for over voltage protection

· Its Budget-friendly


· None

6. Samlex Inverter

It is mainly used for industrial grade projects. Mainly you can use this inverter in sensitive devices or appliances, if you want to use it at home your television stereo or personal home computer will be compatible with it. If its for industrial, then it would do good to, especially for sensitive equipment like temperature controlled cooling fan.

While there is a heavy duty type. This one can be used in matters that requires greater attention to power, if it is need be used in continuous long hours of operation or for back up in emergency situations.

If you want to use this inverter with solar panels, you should install a charge controller to ensure that the inverter’s maximum voltage limit is not exceeded. Which will make it more useful since it can be affordable using renewable energy, solar.


· can be use freely inside the household

· good for backup/emergency

· silent machine


· Not matched/compatible for use with video camera & point to point data transmission equipment

7. Solar 3000W Power Inverter

This inverter provides efficiency in delivering power to us when needed. Though the device is not solar, and uses DC/ AC, the help it gives us is equally beneficial. With the development of it, other aspects was also put into account.

The Sonic Compression technology that enables it to give a clean reliable power throughout the time its being being used. Because of this capacity we can use different electronics, equipment, tools and appliances with the inverter which makes it great.

It has also a power display feature which shows the voltage input and the wattage of the output that makes the management of the demand in power much more easier. AT the same time, safety has also been put into consideration which protects the inverter from overheat, over/under voltage and short circuit.


· Provides uninterrupted power supply

· It has Sonic compression – gives stable power delivery

longer service life

· safety features installed


· misleading name on Solar

8. Renology 2000W Pure Wave Inverter

Amazing for storage. This transforms DC power to AC Power which is use to help and run the appliances. It can be used to collect great amount of electricity to a specific flow into the battery that will indefinably help a lot with the tools and equipment.

It’s a perfect back up power source and helps it rise again to the challenge. Please note that different battery manufacturers have different charging requirements, therefore make sure the preset battery options are compatible with your battery. It also allows readers to charge on your device.


· Can be able to maintain the use of laptop and other electronic devises

· it has a remote monitoring panel

· good efficiency


· noisy during charging

· need to be practiced more

9. GTPOWER 6000W Power Inverter – The Complete Set

Our second to the last solar panel is a combination of inverter and a solar charger controller. It is twice as useful as other solar chargers because it is a mix of the two. The AVP not only makes your solar system simple in wiring, it also has all the unique features of both the inverter and the solar charger controller.

What completes this set are the LCD status display, remote control 17 alarms for easier operation and trouble-shooting and its ability to solely switch the unit on and off. You can also turn on its power saver mode; it is all up to you! Be in control with your fingers with GTPOWER
solar panel!


· Battery Priority by default

· Provides uninterrupted power supply

· 18000W peak power

· Has many features

· High quality and works efficiently


· None

10. SunGoldPower 4000W Solar Inverter – The Combo

The last but definitely not the least! It is a combination of a battery charger, an AC auto transfer switch and an inverter that make it a complete system. It can power your home appliances from utility or generator power while charging the battery with the AC pass-through circuit featured in its inverter.

Once the utility power fails, the battery backup system will keep your appliances powered until the utility power is restored. After the restoration of the generator or utility power, the inverter transfers to the AC source so the batteries can get recharged.

Indeed, a lot of stuff are possible when you combine great things together. And this SUNGOLDPOWER is the perfect example of a
combination that makes all the difference matter.


· Overload capacity of 300% of continuous output for up to 20 seconds

· Provides uninterrupted power supply

· Free and fast shipping


· None

After reviewing the different inverters, uses, advantages and disadvantages we just need to decide what to have? Just a simple take away when choosing your own inverter! You should know what appliances you’ll plug to it, the source of DC, and your budget.

First, you must know in appliances you need to use as to check if they can be plugged to the inverter. Second is the source of DC it may be a usual battery, a car battery, solar or others because you might need extra equipment or connector to come with it.

The inverter has greatly help us as to utilize portable source of electricity or as a back up in times of emergency. Choose among the top 10 solar inverters and enjoy it’s amazing benefits now.

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