Best Solar Panels 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Solar Panels 2018

The world is developing at a very fast pace, and in doing so, human beings require sources of energy. However, the non-renewable sources of energy are getting diminished at a faster rate than they can be replenished. This is why; the world is now starting to go green. In going green, we will be using renewable sources of energy; such as wind energy, hydro energy, solar energy, etc.

Solar Panels are becoming increasingly popular both at homes as well as for use in commercial buildings. Solar panels make use of the natural rays of the sun, absorbing it into their panels to generate heat and electricity. There are several advantages of using solar powered energy for our use, as it is an unending form of energy, with minimum wastage and no by-products or harmful carbon emissions.

Below is the table which shows the top 10 best solar panels 2017. Each and every solar panel is chosen by our specialist reviewers.

Here are some of the 10 best Solar Panels that you can choose from for your needs:

1. Solar Charger RAVPower 24W Solar Panel – Travel Light and Easy With These Solar Panels

Have you ever been out camping and just missed the comfort of your own rooms where you could easily plug in your electronic devices for quick charging? Where are you supposed to find a charging point in the wilderness! The Solar Charger RAVPower does the work for you.

A light and portable solar charger, these solar panels come in two versions- the 16 Watt and the 24 Watt chargers. Turn up to 21% to 23.5% of the sun’s rays into ready-to-use power for charging your USB devices! The solar charger automatically adjusts to provide you with optimal power charging using the iSmart chip.

Connect more than one device and charge without a fuss using the RAVPower solar charger. The waterproof canvas allows you to carry the RAVPower in the toughest of terrains without having to worry about damaging the device.

One of the slight disadvantages that the product could work on can be the continuity of charging. In case there is a small interruption in capturing the natural sunlight, the charging process completely stops and will have to be disconnected and connected again.

Overall this product would receive a great big thumbs up for those who are looking for a convenient way to power up their devices while going camping, trekking, hiking etc.

Light and portableCannot be used during rainy weather


· Light and portable

· Water proof and weather resistant coating

· iSmart chip allows the solar charger to detect the connected devices and distribute power accordingly


· Cannot be used during rainy weather

· Does not have the capacity to store products while charging

2. Renogy Monocrystalline Solar Bundle Kit – Maximum Power, Maximum Efficiency

This highly power efficient Solar Panel gives you a maximum of 100 Watts for all your power charging needs! The solar panels on this device are made up of monocrystalline, which means you will be getting the optimum energy efficiency per square inch. The frames of the solar panel are built with high quality, corrosion resistant aluminium, which lets you use these solar panels for extended outdoor usage, having minimum damage to the solar panels.

Use the Renogy Monocrystalline Solar Panels for your personal home, or even for heavy outdoor usage. The installation processes of the solar grids are extremely simple and convenient. You can use the Renogy Solar Panels anywhere outdoors, such as on your cars, boats, RV’s, trailers, etc. With an ideal power output of 500 watt hours per day, enjoy the most power efficient solar panels which are guaranteed to last you for decades!

This kit comes with components that you will need to expand on a system you may already have, or just need some items to complete your system. The 100W Monocrystalline solar panel, 9in Mc4 Adaptor Kit, and 30A PWM charge controller are included.

One of the best solar panels in the market and worth your money, however, when talking about the great build quality, it has been noticed that the aluminium frames are not as sturdy as expected. They are slightly flimsy, making them easily malleable and can be bent using the bare hands.

Overall, Renogy has produced a great product for power efficient consumption.


· Excellent build quality

· Very power efficient and charges devices quickly

· Can be bought in a variety of different panel numbers according to customer requirements

· Can withstand high wind powers of 2400Pa and snow loads of 54000Pa.

· Good company warranty


· Quality of aluminium frames could have been slightly better

3. Solar Panel 12V Poly Off Grid Battery Charger for RV – Compact and Capable Solar Charger

Looking for the perfect compact, efficient and highly powerful Solar Panel to take along with you on your next family camping trip? Look no further. This solar panel offers you an on-the-grid as well as off-the-grid charging panel for all of your power needs!

Never have to worry again about going on a long trip without a power source. These solar panels are built to withstand every kind of weather you bring its way: from sunny, to snowy, and even heavy rains! These solar panels have done what no other solar panel could do before in terms of its compact size packed in with heavy features.

Out of all the immense advantages of the 100W solar panel, the one thing the company failed to provide is a built in charge controller. That feature is highly missed in this beautiful product.

The product is worth buying for all your off-the-grid charging needs.


  • Polycrystalline solar grid allows the highest amount of power efficiency
  • Pre-drilled holes in the junction box allow for ease of installation
  • Amazing aluminium built able to withstand heavy weather conditions


  • No built in charge controller

4. Renogy Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit – An Ideal Device To Start Your Solar Journey With

If you have used solar panels before then you already know about the great advantages of using this form of renewable energy. The Renogy Solar Starter Kit is perfect for those who want to take their solar journey one step further.

This Solar Starter Kit is perfect for those who require an off-the-grid solar panel. You can easily install these solar panels on your trailers, RV’s, boats, and cabins. Go completely off-the-grid, without ever losing your source of free power!

While this starter kit is available in 100W, you can expand the kit to an astounding 400W for all your uses! The monocrystalline solar cells soak up solar energy to produce the maximum, efficient power for you.

A drawback in this otherwise excellent Renogy 100W Solar Starter Kit is the failure to provide an in built charge controller. The lack of this small feature can often cause system failure.

One of the best starter kits you can buy!


  • Expandable up to 400 W
  • Can go off-the-grid without any issues
  • Works silently- no noise during power production


  • Lack of built in charge controller makes it slightly unstable and can cause system failure

5. HKYH Solar Panel Lighting Kit – Many Features Packed Into One Small Package!

NKYH has developed a new and improved, compact version of solar panels, packed to the brim with features to astound the audience! This foldable solar panel provides multiple charging facilities, at just half the size.

This amazing product comes not only with foldable Solar Panels, but also along with a solar DC system, 4 LED bulbs, 3 cords and 5 mobile adapters! So many facilities for just the price of one product. You can use this product as a portable power supply source when you are travelling off-the-grid, as this comes with a completely independent power system.

Charge any of your digital devices without any hassle. The power system can also be charged with an AC or DC power.

Overall, this product is definitely a dynamite! However, when connected to a power source, all 5 outputs seem to export power, and if turned off, all five ports stop. This feature could have been made more advanced.


  • Can be used to charge a number of devices such as phones, shavers, USB, fan, etc.
  • Indicator light for easy usage
  • Can also be charged by AC/DC power


  • A bulky product to carry around, not easily portable

6. ECO-WORTHY Monocrystalline Solar Panel – Economical, Friendly and Safest Bet for Maximum Power Efficiency

When it comes to build quality and aesthetics, the Eco-Worthy Solar Panel is definitely in the good books of its customers. The 100W Solar Panel produces highly efficient power for all of your outdoor charging needs. The beautiful, corrosion resistant aluminium frames can withstand any weather; dusty, rainy, stormy or snowy.

The waterproof junction box allows you to easily use this solar grid without having to worry about damage. Monocrystalline cells ensure that you get maximum power output from minimum solar absorption inputs.

Easy to install, go completely off-the-grid on your trailer, RV, camping sites, boating, etc. with Eco-Worthy. The pre-drilled holes on the panels allow you to easily mount the grid wherever you want.

The advanced monocrystalline cell technology allow you to enjoy great outputs, however, the output is still low compared to other solar panels at the same range.


  • A grid tie system allows you to save money
  • Easy to install and use


  • Low power output in some cases

7. Paxcess Portable Generator Power Inverter – High Capacity Device for Going Green

Get the kind of power that you need; anytime, anywhere, with the Paxcess Power Generator. This device can easily be powered up by its solar panels, and is easy to carry on all of your family or solo trips.

Charge all your devices- phones, fans, ac, laptop, tv,!

With a 3.3lb lithium battery, enjoy amazing power capacity of 150Wh with this tiny power supply! You can even charge up the device completely on a wall socket to have 8hours uninterrupted power supply!

Your safety is guaranteed with this product as it comes with temperature control, voltage control and BMS.


  • Lightweight, portable
  • Provides huge amount of power
  • Reliable built quality


  • Can be difficult to use on big devices

8. HQST 100 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Panel – Beauty and Functionality At Its Best

Not only does this Solar Panel provide immense power and energy, it is also built to become a favourite for customers due to its aesthetics. This anti-reflective, polycrystalline solar panel provides you with all your power needs, while being extremely easy to install and adjust according to your needs.

Ideally, you would receive 500Wh per day, however, don’t let a little shade or rain bother you. The bypass diodes ensure that you enjoy a continuous power supply even when the solar panels aren’t receiving maximum sunlight for optimal efficiency.

Enjoy decades of service on this solar panel as the multi-layered sheet laminations provide maximum cell efficiency for your power needs.

This highly reliable solar panel by HQST is a must buy for all your power needs, however the only setback being that is it not easily portable, as the product is on the heavier side.


  • Reliable source of power
  • Can go completely off-the-grid
  • Bypass diodes minimize power drop


  • Slightly bulky

9. ALLPOWERS Solar Panel – Set Up Your Power Source Anywhere

Probably the biggest game changer the ALLPOWERS solar panel has brought with it is its semi flexible shape. This means that you can set up the product almost anywhere according to your convenience!

The solar cells provide up to 23.5% efficiency compared to other monocrystalline cells in the market. Use the 30 degree bendable panel on any surface, in your home or off-the-grid. Extremely easy to install and set up, these solar panels are a great buy for starters.

Super durable and reliable, the only drawback on this product is the fact that is does not enjoy a good warranty and after sales.

Overall, this product is a must buy just because of its super functionality and usability.


  • Use on any surface
  • Water and weather resistance coating
  • More power efficient


  • Does not work on lithium ion batteries

10. Suaoki 100W 18V 12V Solar Panel – Super Bendy, Super Flexi!

If solar panels could be rated according to their functionality, Suaoki would have gone one point up due to its internal blocking diode! This means that the power you store up during daytime will not be wasted or drained during the night.

Save more power, and use your solar panel more efficiently using the Suaoki Solar Panel. The super flexible structure allow you to mount the product even on irregular surfaces, while you would not be able to do with other products. Even so, the Suaoki Solar Panels are extremely durable and sturdy and can be used during heavy climatic conditions outdoors with minimal damage.

The only setback of the product is that you cannot use more than 4 panels at a time due to overheating complications.


  • Can be mounted on any irregular surface
  • Light and portable


  • Cannot use more than 4 panels at one time

11. Renogy Eclipse – Bringing Efficiency and Sleekness Into One

By choosing to go green, you are already off to a great start in saving the environment! The Renogy Eclipse Solar Panel is ideal for those who don’t want to use a big, bulky product for their power needs.

Made up of monocrystalline solar cells, the Renogy Eclipse allows you to absorb maximum energy through direct sunlight, and gives you an astounding 100 watts of power for all your charging needs. The sleek design and build quality of the product make it perfect to carry around with you on trips.

The solar panels are built of a black coloured corrosion resistant frame which is built from aluminium. This makes the build quality strong and durable enough to withstand harsh conditions.

Overall this is an almost perfect product, and we cannot find any flaws in it. If there was one thing that could have been better, that might be the durability of the solar panels, since due to their sleekness, they can be more prone to falling.


  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Sleek, compact model
  • Can be used in spaces with minimal room available


  • It is slightly heavy to carry, but still manageable

12. Renogy Solar Starter Kit – Begin Your Solar Power Journey With Renogy

With competition fiercely increasing in the market, Solar Panels are being created to be more advanced with better technology. The Renogy Solar Starter Kit comes built with a Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology, so that you can get higher efficiency (up to 30% more) than before.

This Renogy Solar Starter Kit comes with 200 Watt monocrystalline cells, which means you will be able to achieve higher power and more efficiency at the same size and rate.

Inbuilt with a charge controller, you never have to worry about your power being controlled efficiently anymore. You can even expand your solar kit to an amazing 400 watts for all your power charging needs! Use your solar starter kit at home or outdoors; at a cabin, trailer, camping, trekking, etc.

An amazing kit to start off your solar power journey with, the Renogy Solar Starter Kit is near perfect, with just a few drawbacks. The kit does not come with any instructions, which might be difficult for first time users, and neither does the kit come with any kind of sealing material to cover the holes created by the mounts.

Other than this, it is an amazing purchase for first time users.


  • Can be upgraded to 400 watts
  • Comes with an in built power controller


  • No instruction manual
  • No batteries included
  • No sealing material for holes drilled

13. Renogy Solar Bundle Kit – A New Addition To Your Solar Family

The Renogy Solar Bundle Kit serves as an addition or an expansion to your existing solar panel kit. The Renogy Solar Bundle Kit comes with not one, but two monocrystalline solar panels, each giving you 100 watts of uninterrupted energy.

The build quality of this product is extremely sturdy and durable; as it is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and low pressure water jets. Set up your Renogy Solar Bundle Kit outdoors for extended use without having to worry about damage due to wear and tear. This product is guaranteed to last you for quite a few decades, and if you face any issues, the company warranty will cover you for your problems.

The Renogy Solar Bundle Kit can withstand wind speeds of up to 5400 Pa as well as snow loads of 5400 Pa. simply set up this easy to install device and enjoy an uninterrupted source of power, no matter what the weather conditions outside!

The kit comes with an extension charge controller; however, the charge controller is very close to the solar bundle kit. You might need to get an extension wire for this according to your situation, making this the one and only drawback on the Renogy Solar Bundle Kit.


  • Comes with a charge controller kit
  • Sleek and compact
  • Works in any weather condition


  • The charge controller is very close to the solar bundle kit, and you might need to purchase an additional extension wire or long wiring system

14. Mohoo Solar Panel Charger – Super Light and Flexible For All You Travel Needs

An all new and improved solar panel, this model from Mohoo comes with some unique features which are definitely worth the buy! This super flexible solar panel charger comes with the junction box on the front of the panels, making it more accessible for you. The four corners of the solar panels have been carved into arcs using a laser so that you do not sustain any injuries which installing the product. An internal blocking diode in the solar panels ensures that there is no reverse current drain at night, so that none of your power is lost. This means less wastage and more savings.

The Mohoo solar panels pack an amazing 100 watts of power, but the lightweight model makes it easy for you to transport it from one place to another. Weighing in at simply 5.43 lbs, this light and portable device is perfect for all your outdoor power charging needs.

The only thing you will need to look out for in the Mohoo solar panel charger is even though it is mentioned that the panels are very flexible, you cannot bend the item too much, as it will damage the monocrystalline solar cells.


  • Can be used on an infinite number of purposes; cars, boats, cabin, solar street lamp, ac, tv, motorcycle, RV, and many more
  • Borderless design makes it look more sleek
  • Arched corners to avoid injuries


  • The wiring can be mislabelled sometimes
  • Slightly flimsy

15. Genssi Polycrystalline Solar Panel – Perfect For All You Off The Grid Application Needs

Ever wanted to go off the grid but were not sure how to get a reliable power source for your supplies? The Genssi Polycrystalline Solar Panel is the answer to all your prayers. This solar panel comes with 2 sets of polycrystalline solar cells, giving you optimum power at the lowest time and rate. You will also get a Y splitter adapter with this solar panel kit for your other needs.

The pre drilled holes at the back of the solar panel allow for easy installation, while the EL tested solar panels guarantee that you won’t face any spot heating issues.

The solar panels come with an inbuilt bypass diode. This ensures that you get a continuous power supply, even if there is low sunlight, shade, or weather changes. You will not face any power drop issues with the Genssi Polycrystalline solar panels.

The only drawback on this otherwise highly efficient and advanced equipment is that it does not come with an in built charge controller.


  • Can be used in any weather condition
  • Easy to install
  • Guaranteed no hot spots in solar modules


  • No in built charge controller

16. Lensun Solar Panel Kit – Where Design Meets Functionality

Inbuilt with a more advanced, Japanese technology, the Lensun Solar panel kit comes with an ETFE material as opposed to the traditional PET material. This material allows your solar panel to absorb more light and be more efficient than other solar panels. There is less reflection of light, allowing more absorption to take place, eventually leading to higher power output. They come with two MC4 connectors as well, one make connector and another female connector.

The entire back panel of the solar module is made up of fibreglass, making it a more sturdy and durable choice of solar panels for your use. The stain resistant material is easy to maintain, and gets automatically cleaned if kept outside in the rain. However, these adverse weather conditions do not affect the functionality of the solar panels.

The one, clear drawback of the Lensun solar panels is that they need to be handled with extreme care, as the solar panels are prone to damage if they are bent too far back.


  • Highly water and weather resistant
  • Superior quality solar panels
  • Fibreglass covering making it more durable


  • Prone to damage if not handled with care

17. Komaes Polycrystalline Solar Starter Kit – Small Design, Big Effciency!

The Komaes Polycrystalline solar starter kit comes with 4, 400 watt polycrystalline panels. This gives you a huge power output and efficiency. But even though these numbers sound big, the product itself is extremely sleek and compact, allowing you to easily carry and install it any place you need.

The PV solar panel diodes come pre installed for your ease, and you get two 30 inch panels with an MC4 connector with this solar starter kit. This solar panel starter kit can be used both for domestic as well as industrial use, making it versatile. The strong and sturdy built allow the solar panels to be used outdoors for extended periods of time, without any damage sustained.

Overall the Komaes gives you a high performance solar panel starter kit which you can buy when you need more than one or two solar panels. The only drawback we could find in the Komaes solar panel is that is it not water resistant, unlike other solar panels.


  • 400 watt solar panels, quantity of 4
  • High quality aluminium frame


  • It is not water resistant or water proof

18. HQST Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit – A Great Way To Kickstart Your Green Journey

HQST has built this model of monocrystalline solar panel kit specifically for customers who are new to solar panels. It is made in a simplistic design and technology for you to begin your solar panel journey. The pre drilled holes in the back panel allow you to easily install the solar panels, and the Z bracket let you mount and secure the equipment in place without the use of any other tools.

The HQST solar panel kit is completely grid independent, and provides you with 500Wh of power output per day without any hassle. Its silence technology does not great any disturbance while it is being used.

The HSQT monocrystalline solar panel kit is a great step for starters in the solar panel using world, however, the one drawback of this product is that the back panel does not allow for proper dissipation of heat. This means that if you mount the solar panels on a metal roof, you might face over heating issues. Other than that, it is a great product, as it comes with all the mounting hardware necessary. You can mount it on your metal roof using the mounting equipment by keeping a little space for heat dissipation.


  • Easy to use for first time users
  • Comes with all mounting equipment’s


  • Slightly heavy
  • Back panel can over heat

19. HQST Polycrystalline Solar Panel Kit

Similar to the previously mentioned model, the HSQT polycrystalline solar panel kit comes with polycrystalline cells, making them ever more advanced and efficient in absorbing sun rays and giving a good power output.

This new model from HQST allows users to use the solar panels for a variety of off the grid applications, such as when you are going camping, trekking, on a boat, a cabin, on your RV’s etc. you can also use this solar panel kit on water pumping systems, signalling systems, and many other off grid system applications.

The HQST solar panels come with a 100 W polycrystalline solar cell technology, with a 12 V solar panel. All the necessary mounting equipment and instructions are provided with the kit itself, making it an ideal starter kit for those who are new to using solar panels.

The HQST solar panel kit comes with an inbuilt charge controller, however, the only drawback in this solar panel kit being that there are limited instructions for the charge controller. This can be a slight disadvantage to first time users.


  • Very simple installation process and easy to use
  • In built charge controller


  • Need a separate wiring for the battery and load side
  • Not great power outputs
  • No clear instructions on charge controller

20. Poweradd Solar Panels – Foldable Solar Panels For All Your Charging Needs

Even with a charge controller, it can sometimes be a little tough to constantly monitor the power distribution. However, with the Poweradd Solar Panels, you will never need to worry about this issue again!

The Poweradd solar panel charger comes with an automatic technology that can adjust the current as well as the voltage so that you can get the maximum power output. The advanced technology of the solar cells give you a 22 to 25% power output, which is extremely superior and reliable! The dual port output allow you to charge up a number of devices at the same time, like your phones, laptops, tv, and also protect your device against over heating or over charging issues which can otherwise damage your device.

The 100 Watt foldable charger is built in a way that you can easily fit it into spaces, and it comes with an amazing 10 laptop connectors, 1 Dc cable, 1 USB cable, 1 foldable charger as well as 1 cigarette charger! So many facilities all for the value of one great product.

The one simple drawback you might face in this product is that the power voltage is auto adjustable; you will not be able to manually adjust it.


  • Can be used for a number of charging facilities at the same time
  • Easily foldable
  • Automatically adjusts current and voltage


  • No mounting stand equipment
  • Slightly difficult to plug devices as the ports are at the bottom of the solar panel device

21. AcoPower Solar Panel – Get High Module Conversion Energy for First Time Solar Users

The Acopower Solar panel kit has been specially designed for customers who are fairly new to using solar panels. This is why; the solar panel kit has been designed as simplistically and minimalistic ally as possible. The solar panels are easy to install and use.

The Acopower solar panel kit comes along with a solar charge controller, adjustable mounting equipment made of aluminium, PV cables, and a professional portable package so that you can carry your solar panels when you are going off the grid.

The power supply along with the solar panel kit is also portable, and you can mount up your solar panels anywhere with great ease and comfort.

The foldable solar panels can be opened up and adjusted to cover a large surface area for maximum absorption of sun light and more power output for you.

Overall, the Acopower solar panel is a great starter kit if you are new to using solar panels. It is extremely easy to use and install, and is very adjustable to your needs. The pre installed solar charge controller ensures that you system does not over charge, over heat, over discharge or experience any kind of reserve charging.

Another almost perfect solar panel kit, this deserves a bit thumbs up from all its users. If there was any draw back in this product, it would probably be the fact that it is slightly heavy, but not uncomfortable to carry.


  • High quality monocrystalline solar cells
  • Pre installed solar charge controller


  • Slightly heavy

22. GreeSonic Solar Panels – Go Green with GreeSonic!

The new and advanced technology efficient solar panels by GreeSonic come equipped with a number of advantages, giving it an edge over other solar panels in the market. The GreeSonic Solar panels are built with a high quality photovoltaic solar panel which is completely corrosion resistant. These solar panels allow the modules to absorb a maximum of 21.5% of solar power, making them highly efficient.

The solar panel is made up of ETFE and Fibreglass, making it extremely sturdy and durable. Use it for extended periods of time outdoors without having to worry about water or weather damage to your solar panel.

The flexible and bendable solar panels can be flexed to a 20 degree curve so that you can place your solar panels on any irregular surface. The solar panels are water resistant, which means you can easily carry them on your boats, yacht, or even keep them outside during the rainy season.

The build quality is extremely high. The solar panels are just 2.5mm thick, the entire product weighing in at only 2.5 kgs. Yet, this powerful solar panel packs in 100 W of energy for all your uses.

The solar panels are very easy to install as they are borderless or frameless, and come with four holes drilled at the four corners, if you need to mount up your solar panels.

The only drawback on this product would be that the back panels do not come with an adhesive, so you will need to purchase and use an adhesive of your own choice, or you can fasten it with grommets.


  • Super flexible and easy to install
  • Made of superior fibreglass and ETFE material
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • No in built adhesive at the back of the solar panels, need to be purchased separately

23. Eco-Worthy Solar Panel – Easiest To Use and Carry Along, Anywhere

An extremely simple and minimalistic design, the Eco worthy Solar Panels are foldable and easy to carry. The solar panels come with a handle bar, so that you can fold them up and carry them like a suit case to any location you wish. To use them, simply open it and set it up anywhere you like. The monocrystalline solar cells absorb minimum solar energy while leaving a small footprint.

The Eco worthy solar panels come with a pre installed solar charge controller, which means that you do not need to purchase and connect another solar controller for this device. Easy to use, simple open it, face it towards the sun and you are ready to use your eco worthy solar panels!

The drawback of this solar panel is that the solar cells are not protected with a case, so they are prone to damage or breaking, and the solar panel works only in direct sunlight.


  • Pre installed solar charge controller
  • Very easy to set up and transport


  • Fragile as solar panels are not protected and are prone to damage or breaking
  • Works only when in direct sun light

24. Eco-Worthy Polycrystalline Solar Panel – Higher Technology for All Your Camping Needs

The Eco Worthy polycrystalline solar panel comes with an advanced polycrystalline solar cell technology. This allows your solar panels to absorb even more sun light, give higher power outputs with minimal wastage and leave a smaller footprint while doing so.

The pre installed and pre wired battery charging and solar charge controller makes this solar panel very easy to use even for first time users. The foldable technology of the solar panels allow you to fold it up into a suit case structure so you can carry it without a fuss on all your camping trips, hiking, trekking and other journeys.

The pre installed solar charger protects your solar panel system from over charging, overheating, reverse power draining and over loading issues.

The solar panels come with legs which are a plus point, however, the main drawback on this solar panel is that the legs are not very sturdy.


  • Pre installed solar charge controller
  • Easy and portable


  • Delicate legs of the solar panel for mounting

25. WindyNation Solar Panels – Advanced Features for Advanced Users

The WindyNation Solar Panels can be given one extra star as compared to other solar panels in the same range. This is because these solar panels come with a few additional features which make it very easy to use.

The WindyNation solar panels provide you with 200 watts of uninterrupted solar power for all of your charging needs. The solar charge controller has advanced features, such as a LCD panel which displays the voltage, battery state, DC load draw, and the solar panel status.

The WindyNation solar panels can be extended in case you want to add more solar panels. The advanced charge controller ensures that you do not over charge or over load your batteries.

Overall, the WindyNation Solar Panels are quite advanced due to their LCD panel feature. However, the only drawback you might face could be with some of the connectors, as they might need to be cut to fit in to your adjustments.


  • LCD solar panel with great display
  • Good power output


  • Connectors need to be improved

26. Aleko Solar Module Panel – Simplistic, Futuristic Solar Panels

A perfect balance of power, technology and nature, the Aleko Solar Module Panel comes in a simplistic design so that you can use it easily without any hassle.

A 24V monocrystalline solar panel, the product can product up to 100W of solar power for all of your charging needs. It is easy to install and use. The sleek, black design of the Aleko solar module panel makes it even more popular amongst users, as it is compact, easily portable and can be set up anywhere.

At the same price range, other solar module panels offer just 12 V, while the Aleko solar module panel is offering double the voltage. This means that fewer of the solar panels are required to power the same device which might have otherwise required more power from other solar panels.

The only drawback of this solar panel would be that the high voltage also comes with a danger of getting a shock, if not used carefully.


  • At the same price, other solar panels give only 12 V while Aleko solar module panel gives 24 V
  • Simple to use
  • Sleek and handy
  • No need for voltage regulator


  • The high voltage solar panel can give shocks if not used carefully

Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide for Solar Panels:

Solar panels are being used worldwide now for various power uses. You too can start using a solar panel by starting off with a good solar panel starter kit, and slowly using adding more and more panels to your collection.

How can you choose a good solar panel for your needs?

  • Make sure the solar panel kit comes with a full set of instructions
  • The solar panel kit should come with mounting equipment
  • Compare the solar panel efficiency with other models in the market, choosing the one which provides maximum efficiency and output
  • Compare the cost of the solar panels to their relative efficiency
  • Make an informed decision when it comes to choose a monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar cell panel

In conclusion, these are the top solar panels which are very reasonably priced and provide good power output. It is imperative for all of us individuals to slowly turn to practicing greener methods of using power sources. This is not only good for the environment, but it also helps you to save power with minimal wastage, leaving a smaller carbon footprint in the world.

Buyer’s Guide for Solar Panels

It is important for everyone to start exploring the options of solar panels now, as it can help protect the environment while at the same time be an efficient source of power. While choosing a solar panel, some of the important things you need to remember are:

· Ensure that it is easy to install, and is portable for you to carry around

· The solar panels must be weather resistant, as you will require a continuous power supply even during tough weather conditions

· When two solar panels cost the same, but the conversion efficiency of one of them is higher, always go for the one with the higher conversion efficiency, as it provides a better value for the same price.

· The solar panels should be Potential-Induced-Degradation or PID resistant. This means that the solar panels should not be too affected by climatic conditions.

· The durability and warranty of a solar panel is extremely important when choosing a good solar panel to purchase.

· The type of solar cells used also must be taken into account; whether they are monocrystalline, polycrystalline or amorphous. The monocrystalline cells offer high efficiency in return of a small footprint, whereas polycrystalline cells are more popular now due to increased efficiency and heat tolerance.

· Consider the different materials used in the production of the solar panels.

The world is now facing the biggest challenge of containing air pollution through emission of carbon particles, which is directly affecting the health and environment of our living world. In order to solve this problem, countries are now gradually switching over from conventional sources of energy to renewable sources of energy. Solar energy is the cheapest source of energy which is available abundantly. Choosing the right type of solar panel will help you make the world greener.

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