Solar Jobs

Going Into a Solar Career For a Greener World

Solar JobsSolar energy is about harnessing the kinetic and potential energy of the Sun and converting it into electricity for both industrial and domestic use. From 1888 when the first ever solar cells were built to the current contemporary innovations in the solar energy sector, many individuals have pursued solar careers in this field of inexhaustible energy source of free renewable energy though prior to 1888, humans have used the Sun’s energy in one crude form or the other. Early humans actually used it to start fire while some used it for thermal heating purposes.

Going into a Solar Career

Due to the innovations in harnessing and using solar energy, there are lots of career opportunities in the solar energy sector as more companies and individuals expand the horizon of solar energy possibilities. In the United States alone, a top research institute known as The Solar Foundation discovered, in a study conducted in 2013 on the solar industry that about 142,698 workers in the U.S.A were involved in solar careers in the solar energy sector. Another industry watchdog Greentech Media reported that the solar industry is expanding at an astronomical rate with solar corporations in the United States now installing solar systems at a rate of one Photovoltaic system installation per four minutes.

Career Opportunities in the Solar Industry Sector

There are lots of career opportunities in the solar sector today ranging from solar engineers to mechanics, to salespersons, to construction engineers, to clerks, to office assistants to administrative personnel, and to utility workers etc. In the solar sector, there are both indoor white-collar office jobs and outdoor blue-collar field jobs available for individuals interested in pursuing a solar career.

Here are some job appellations available in the solar industry:

  • Solar System Supervisor
  • Project Manager
  • Solar System Installation personnel
  • Personnel Manager
  • Office Administrator
  • Field Technician
  • Public Relation Officer
  • Solar Systems Development Engineer
  • Office Assistant etc.


Your potential earning in the solar industry depends on a number of factors like skills, level of education, and the particular firm you work for though there is an average minimum across the industry pertaining to workers remuneration. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the top 10% of solar workers earn approximately $57, 980 per annum; while those at the middle level point earn about $37, 900 yearly, and finally those at the lower 10% of solar careers earn within the range of $26, 250 annually.

The Future

The solar industry is rapidly expanding, pursuing a solar career therefore comes with lot of benefits like job stability, skill acquisition, and a decent pay. Also, solar energy being a renewable source of energy is cleaner and environmental friendly. With the growing advocacy for industries to go green, solar energy in the near future might replace fossil fuel as the major source of energy as the world consciously strive to shift from non-renewal energy sources that pollute our environment to cleaner renewable energy in a bid to protect and preserve the earth.